How Our Story Began

Garage Gym Outfitters was created by three active duty service members on a mission to help consumers purchase equipment for their personal gyms. As passionate home gym owners, we have spent hours researching the best equipment on the market. This pursuit took us to countless websites to find the best quality and prices available. Here at Garage Gym Outfitters, we simplify this process and bring you a one stop shop for home gym owners. 

With the ability to compare options, prices, and brands, we allow our consumers to make informed decisions with ease. Whether you are just starting a home gym or adding to your collection, we allow you to make all your purchases in one place. Not only will this cut down on purchasing time, but will allow consumers to discover brands they may not have encountered otherwise. We are continuing to develop our site and add suppliers, we appreciate your support throughout this process.  Thank you for purchasing from Garage Gym Outfitters.

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