What is Garage Gym Outfitters?

First and foremost, we are just three guys who happen to be in the military and like to workout. As a part of this common interest, we like to review and keep up to date on all the gym equipment available out there. Over the past year, we started to invest in our own personal home gyms. However, over the course of building our gyms, we noticed that there were no websites where we could compare products side by side and complete a single checkout process for all the gear that we wanted. We got lost in the numerous tabs that we had to open in order to find each product. We also realized that we would not have been able to find all the equipment we wanted without prior knowledge of where to shop. That’s when the idea for Garage Gym Outfitters first came to us. We bring high quality equipment options to consumers and give you the power to make the most informed decision when purchasing equipment. 

During COVID we saw people flock to personal gym equipment as their commercial gyms got shut down. But, this surge in demand also highlighted an issue within the gym equipment industry. Most products were being made overseas and as issues in the supply chain rose, so did the price of gym equipment. This sparked our mission to only offer products from companies headquartered in the United States. Now, this doesn’t mean we only supply equipment manufactured in the US. Some US based companies manufacture products in other countries due to high manufacturing costs in the US, especially for smaller companies. However, we will highlight those companies who do manufacture in the US so that our customers can have this information when purchasing products. Our long term goal is to highlight the importance of manufacturing here in the USA (I’ll write another post about this later) and help bring those smaller companies to a point where they can sustainably do this.  Only when the consumers truly value American made products, can companies sustainably shift their manufacturing stateside. 

American flag in home gym

Whether people realize it or not, a lot of the companies that you buy equipment from, the smaller ones at least, are run by a single person and they are paying for everything out of pocket. We are here to provide them a platform to sell their products so that they can grow.

We’re not here to claim that we know everything about equipment, but we will provide you with an honest opinion as to which equipment we think is valuable to the home gym owner. We don’t make our money off of affiliate links, and therefore won’t promote products we don’t believe in. Just as you probably don’t wear clothes from only one store, you might want different pieces of equipment from a variety of companies.  Our website allows you to get a rack, bar and plates from three different companies in one order. So, if you love America and working out, please join us on this journey as we set out to build the most robust gym equipment platform built by consumers, for consumers. Thank you!

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