N-Gage Grips - Product Review

Let’s discuss different grips. If you’re someone who keeps an eye on evolving trends in gym, fitness and nutrition online culture (which, if you’re reading this right now, you probably are) you can probably feel like there are so many different ways of thinking and approaching training and fitness in general you don’t know what to believe. It can make your head spin. One thing remains true, though. Big, muscular arms are cool and good. This will remain true in the future. 

How could these be achieved? There is always the path of attempting Piana’s 8 hour arm workout, but if you’re like most people who want bigger arms, you would plan to incorporate chin-ups, curl variations, and rows into your daily strength training. You are right to do so. 

There are, however, some other factors to consider. Assuming you have a home gym, you probably own a barbell. For different curl variations, you might be inclined to purchase an EZ bar or several more dumbbells to accomplish this arm-growth task. It’s true the EZ bar can help relieve tension on elbow and shoulder tendons, but instead of spending the money on a new bar, consider spending way less money on some grips. They’re built to last, and will save you money. 

Additionally, while increasing the difficulty of the arm workout, they also improve grip strength. Their angled variation will not just challenge your grip, but target different heads of the bicep. For the price, its a great accessory to add into your training and a great way to add variety into your exercise selection. This is especially important to a home gym owner who is dealing with limited space or a budget.

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