Custom Length Cable (Up to 10ft)
Custom Length Cable (Up to 10ft)

Custom Length Cable (Up to 10ft)

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Designate the length you need after adding to cart: Measure end to end.

High Quality, Handmade, and Cut to Order.

  • 7 x 19 Galvanized steel thread formation

  • 3/16” inner Steel wire

  • 1/4” Overall Diameter with Nylon Coating

  • Quality swaging

  • 1 BLACK Nylon Stopper

  • Rated to 350lbs

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I received my 2x 25 pound bumper plates. They are awesome! Thank you so much. I am going to order some more. They are perfect.  Thank you for making them affordable. A lot of companies try to take advantage of you. Thank you!!


Great customer service! Was able to track my shipment door-to-door. Hooks fit snugly over barbell. Comfortable fit for those with issues getting into a full olympic-style clean rack grip. Proud to support American companies.

Rich S.

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