Rack Mounted Glute Ham Developer 2.0 - Exponent Edge
Rack Mounted Glute Ham Developer 2.0 - Exponent Edge
Rack Mounted Glute Ham Developer 2.0 - Exponent Edge
Rack Mounted Glute Ham Developer 2.0 - Exponent Edge

Rack Mounted Glute Ham Developer 2.0 - Exponent Edge

Regular price$249.00

*This is a Pre-Sale for inventory that is planned to ship to paying customers in March 2023*

The RMGHD is finally available for pre-order! Take advantage of the pre-order sale with an early bird 20% discount off the Regular Price! Discount is already applied.

*Please note, this model now includes a foot plate - see rendered photos. You will not see the footplate on the current completed device but all devices will ship with the footplate included. You can see rendered pics as well as a view of the footplate for reference*

The RMGHD was created due to the challenges faced by other GHDs – specifically the price ($$$$) and the size!

This expertly designed device solves both of those issues with a price that is significantly less than traditional bulky GHDs at a size that is less than 1/4 the size of a conventional GHD. This Rack Mounted GHD is American-made and performs at a level to rival other expensive machinery.

If you’ve wanted a top-performing GHD in your own gym, look no further. Although this was originally designed for home gyms, this is also a viable option for commercial gyms or box gyms as you can have multiple people in your gym performing the exercise simultaneously due to the decreased cost and reduced space required to house the equipment.

The RMGHD is a compact, modernly designed, space-saving, and cost-effective alternative to traditional GHD machines and equipment. The RMGHD conveniently mounts to your gym rack (with multiple size options available) and can be used to perform glute ham raises in any type of training space.

The RMGHD is manufactured in the USA and includes 4 GHD pads that are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. There are both 1-inch and 5/8-inch options to fit any rack you have at home.

Please note, that you will need 4 inches of clearance behind the RMGHD in order to place the pin in the back of the device.

All hardware required for pad installation and rack attaching is included. 

Many athletes in strength sports and athletics, know the benefits of GHD training. The design of the RMGHD is optimized for Glute Ham Raises, a bodyweight hamstring movement (however can be loaded using multiple options) that concentrates on knee flexion. When consistently used as a regular part of any training regimen, Glute Ham Raises can help increase squat strength, increase explosiveness, and improve a runner’s power and speed. If you are looking to increase the size or definition of your glutes and hamstrings, or just desire to have a stronger lower body, this is the apparatus for you.

Other benefits include: supporting midline stability, abdominal muscle recruitment, and safe development of the spinal erectors.

With this device, you can also perform assisted Glute Ham raises using bands and for a number of other exercises. 

Other exercise options: Back extension holds and raises, Bulgarian Split Squats, Crunches, Incline Push-Ups, Bench Dips, Hamstring Bridges, and Planks.

The difficulty of split squats increases with the limited ability to use your back foot as leverage. If you are looking to make an already brutal exercise even harder, The WMGHD will accomplish this goal for you on Split Squats.

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I received my 2x 25 pound bumper plates. They are awesome! Thank you so much. I am going to order some more. They are perfect.  Thank you for making them affordable. A lot of companies try to take advantage of you. Thank you!!


Great customer service! Was able to track my shipment door-to-door. Hooks fit snugly over barbell. Comfortable fit for those with issues getting into a full olympic-style clean rack grip. Proud to support American companies.

Rich S.

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