The Edge Curl Bar - Men&
The Edge Curl Bar - Men&
The Edge Curl Bar - Men&
The Edge Curl Bar - Men&
The Edge Curl Bar - Men&

The Edge Curl Bar - Men's

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*This is a Pre-Sale for ordered inventory that will be shipping to paying customers in February 2023*

This may look like a cambered bar but it’s not! So what makes this bar different?

The Edge Curl bar is nothing like your traditional E-Z Bar or Cambered Bench Bar. Why?

Don’t you think it’s better to curl with a bar that’s different than the one that you bench or squat with? This bar was specifically designed with curling in mind.

Not only do I prefer to curl with a bar shorter than a traditional barbell, but wouldn't it be nice if it also had grips that bent at shoulder width and were still rackable? This Edge Curl Bar accomplishes both.

How does this bar differ from a Cambered Bar and E-Z Bar?

A truly optimal Men’s Curl Bar was made with a 28mm diameter, the exact same width as our Powerbuilding Bar, and tensile strength to withstand a 700 lb rating. So, if you do decide to bench, squat, or load weight on for some cheat curls (not that I am encouraging that), you’ll know you’re safe.

The bar length is 68” and includes a 47-inch length between sleeves. You’ll have plenty of room on the 10.5-inch sleeve to load all the weight you’ll need. This bar is also long enough to rack on a traditional rack which makes it easier to load and unload than a traditional E-Z Bar. The bar accomplishes all this while still being 18 inches shorter than your standard barbell or cambered bar and has a more comfortable angle at 30 degrees. Your wrists are loving you right now! The men’s bar also weighs 30 pounds.

Many strength athletes, bodybuilders, and weight trainees can benefit from this type of specialty curl bar because the bends in the shaft help reduce wrist stress and common injury risks. The 16-inch middle section allows room to complete a closer grip for bicep curls, tricep presses, and extensions and has a 30-degree bend at a standard shoulder-width grip. If you happen to be a little bigger or prefer a wider curling grip, you have a full 6 inches to modify your grip width.

No more close grip that is significantly inside your shoulders or an outside grip that may be too wide for curls. You will also have plenty of room to prevent your elbows from hitting the loaded weight, an issue I always encountered with an E-Z Bar. You can even bench with the widest flat grip.

With medium-depth knurling, it has plenty of knurl for heavier lifts, but not an overly aggressive knurl that will rip, cut, and tear your hands during higher repetition exercises and workouts. Who does 1 Rep Barbell Curls anyways? The ends of the shaft feature 10.5 inches with plenty of room for Curling PRs and the medium textured knurling ensures excellent grip and contact through heavy movements.

The Cerakote finish is a ceramic and polymer coating that creates stunning looks and better durability. Cerakote is one of the most rust-resistant and lowest maintenance coatings available and you are sure to have a barbell that will continue to look new with very little maintenance. This finish delivers superb abrasion, wear, and corrosion resistance. 

The Edge Curl Bar is rackable which makes plate loading much easier with a racked curl bar, and athletes can begin their curl movements directly from the starting height rather than having to pick the bar up off the ground. Close-grip bench movements are also more comfortable with this specialty bar, and "skull crushers" (lying triceps extensions) are safer and easier to achieve now that the Curl Bar can be set up in the J-cups or on the floor.

Titanium sleeves offer longer durability and a look that shines.

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I received my 2x 25 pound bumper plates. They are awesome! Thank you so much. I am going to order some more. They are perfect.  Thank you for making them affordable. A lot of companies try to take advantage of you. Thank you!!


Great customer service! Was able to track my shipment door-to-door. Hooks fit snugly over barbell. Comfortable fit for those with issues getting into a full olympic-style clean rack grip. Proud to support American companies.

Rich S.

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